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World Traveler Short Sleeved Dress

World Traveler Short Sleeved Dress

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Introducing the enchanting Disney-inspired women's short-sleeved dress, where fantasy meets fashion in a delightful harmony. This dress embodies the essence of beloved Disney characters, bringing to life the magic and charm that have captured hearts for generations.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this dress features a soft and breathable fabric adorned with whimsical prints inspired by iconic Disney motifs. From classic characters like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to timeless favorites such as Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle, each design captures the essence of Disney's beloved storytelling.

The silhouette of the dress is both flattering and versatile, with a fitted bodice that gently accentuates the waist before flowing into a gracefully flared skirt, offering comfort and style in equal measure. The short sleeves add a touch of casual elegance, making it perfect for any occasion, whether it's a day at the Disney parks, a themed party, or simply adding a touch of magic to your everyday wardrobe.

With its playful yet sophisticated design, this Disney-inspired dress celebrates the spirit of adventure, imagination, and romance that are at the heart of every Disney tale. Whether you're a lifelong Disney fan or simply someone who appreciates whimsical fashion, this dress is sure to enchant and delight, inviting you to step into a world of wonder and make your own fairy tale dreams come true.

· Material:  Polyester

Size Chest(cm/in) Length(cm/in) Shoulder(cm/in) Sleeve(cm/in)
2XS 82/32.28 80/31.5 33/12.99 19/7.48
XS 86/33.86 83/32.68 35/13.78 19.5/7.68
S 90/35.43 86/33.86 37/14.57 20/7.87
M 94/37.01 89/35.04 39/15.35 20.5/8.07
L 98/38.58 92/36.22 41/16.14 21/8.27
XL 102/40.16 95/37.4 43/16.93 21.5/8.46
2XL 106/41.73 98/38.58 45/17.72 22/8.66
3XL 110/43.31 101/39.76 47/18.5 22.5/8.86
4XL 114/44.88 104/40.94 49/19.29 23/9.06
5XL 118/46.46 107/42.13 51/20.08 23.5/9.25
6XL 122/48.03 110/43.31 53/20.87 24/9.45


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